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Chat 20 Apr 199 notes 'Mark' calls to Loveline
  • Mike Catherwood: Mark, thank you for calling Loveline; by the way Dr. Drew Sounds Off coming up very soon
  • Mark: Hi guys, I'm such a huge fan of this show, first of all ... You guys are amazing.
  • Dr. Drew: Thanks Mark, what's going on?
  • Mark: So I've got a question, I have like a reeally good friend, who like, we do everything together...
  • Chester: *laughing*
  • Mark: ...and lately someone else has kinda come into the picture...
  • Mike Catherwood: A lady, huh?
  • Mark: ...NO!
  • Mike Catherwood: Wow!
  • Mark: Not a lady!
  • Simone Bienne: Whay!
  • Mark: It's a guy... umm... it's hard to explain, I mean, he's really charismatic...
  • Chester: This is Mike Shinoda.
  • Mike: He's ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Mike Catherwood: It is?
  • Chester: It is Mike Shinoda.
  • Mike: Oh, heh.
  • Mike Catherwood: You son of a bitch.
  • Dr. Drew: And by the way, you broke so easily.
  • Chester: I knew right when I heard his voice, that's why I laughed.
  • Mike Catherwood: Note to the US government, don't give any secrets to Mike Shinoda. He will break under pressure very easily.
  • Mike: I'm not good at doing voices, man...
  • Mike Catherwood: Yeah...
  • Brandon Boyd: Was that a voice?
  • Mike Catherwood: *cracks up*
  • Chester: That was him doing like, a Texas-accent.
  • Mike Catherwood: Hey uh, mr. Shinoda, we will all see you on Thursday night this week, right?
  • Mike: Yea.. Just do me a favor and can you seat those to guys further apart?
  • Dr. Drew: You looking on at us on Ustream?
  • Mike: I mean, look, man, Brandon is far too, far too handsome...
  • Chester: And I'm ruining his shots, aren't I?
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Chosun Kalbi is one of LAs top 10 Korean BBQ spots.  Kick it off w some panchan.  Chow on some Chadol Baegi.  Top it w Kalbi.  Don’t forget the Kimchi.

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Text 10 Apr 2 notes 100s


I hung out with Bobby Hundreds the other day.  Check out his blog

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Text 10 Apr 3 notes The Catalyst
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Growing up, Hip Hop was a big foundation in my taste development in music. When it came to Rap, freestyle was a big part in what it meant to be a legitimate MC. Of course, times have changed since. I decided to peruse the web to see what freestylin’ means today. These clips are proof that Rap has evolved…

An Oldie but Goodie

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Link 10 Apr 9 notes Joe Hahn: Waiting For The End»


As some of you know, our next video is premiering this week. The clip is an experiment in making the most digital version of ourselves in the spirit of the visual pallette of A Thousand Suns. If you have been following our visuals throughout this album, this is the next step in our journey. I…

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And so begins our journey…  Here we are in Argentina as we kick off A Thousand Suns World Tour.  Buenos Aires is the land of beautiful skies.  I was fortunate enough to arrive early to breathe it all in.  I was told to eat the Steak and drink the wine.

To grease up the old joints and move our rusty parts around, we had a soundcheck in the old Valez Stadium.

for the DJ-curious, here’s the new rig.  1 turntable and a microphone and a …


…Don’t cry. more later…

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